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Meta Black M3 - Fat Burner - 60 caps
Item Summary

SKU Code : MB01
Brand : Meta Black
Availability : item in stock In Stock

R.R.P : £28.99
Price : £24.99 inc VAT

Further Description
MetaBlack- M3 – 60 Capsule

High potency multi stage Fat Metaboliser
A synagenistic blend of ingredient that produce a multi stage attack on body fat
The ingredients are effective when used individually, but when combined in the correct ratios will specifically attack fat cells and reduce even the most stubborn fat deposits.
You will experience increased energy and concentration levels

– Increase Energy
– Boost Metabolism
– Burn Body Fat
– Reduce Hunger

Your metabolism will be boosted and there will be an increase in your body temperature. This will help your body reduce fat stores and work more efficiently
There will be reduction in hunger cravings and especially cravings for high sugar foods.
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